Techno Engineers found that some of Australian and American companies have technically advanced product but are struggling to establish themselves in Developing markets. We act as a bridge between developed countries and developing countries, help and enable these companies to explore new markets.

Our Mission

Our expertise is our mission. To seamlessly integrate technology with the future business operations through tailored business solutions and thought leadership in the field of project management consulting.

We create strategic partnerships and at Techno Engineers our operation is proactive and reactive to our client’s situations. We have the best team of high-quality people that understand the future business needs and together with you, develop a bespoke project management solution. Our personable, friendly, passionate, enthusiastic team will solve your problem and fully integrate with your business culture. As a business we act independently from all service providers and system integrators, ensuring that it is in our best interest to deliver your best outcome.

Our Experience

Clients choose Techno Engineers because our people are recognised industry professionals and experts in business alignment and technology integration. We have many years of experience strategically planning and managing small to large-scale complex projects across a number of industries.

We are also consultants to Government projects, where we directly or indirectly advice Government regarding future technology and technology available in the market.
Our consistent project delivery of high-quality strategic planning and project management solutions has seen Techno Engineers to expand into many industries as a trusted advisor and specialist in project management consulting.

Our ability to understand exactly what the requirement and develop a bespoke solution, to solve environmental issues means our strategic project management skills are transferable across any industry.

Our Team

We have the majority of our team is based in India and Middle East. With the Australian and American office, we are the point of contact for partner companies. We have dedicated product managers for a different type of products who are well qualified, trained and experienced in their fields.

Our Relationships

Strong relationships are critical for our business. To bring the best results to our clients and their projects our people ensure our relationships with our clients and appropriate associated professionals are maintained and ‘release the value’ in our client’s projects.

This is how we successfully deliver complex capital projects, or those in challenging or remote locations and when under public or corporate scrutiny.

Our Attitude

We have one aim. To make our clients delighted with the results we achieve on their behalf. This right attitude is witnessed by the number of repeat clients and strong recommendations we receive leading to new clients. We work passionately with a can-do attitude while working through the inevitable challenges of every project to deliver the best outcomes for clients. This consistently delivers the right results and achieves great outcomes for our clients and of course ourselves.

Our Credibility and value

Our credibility is our team ‘doing what we say’. It simply means that we’ll do it better. We term this ‘releasing the value’.

We have successfully delivered the projects across multiple sectors for government and government and non government, institutional and private. We ‘release the value’ in every project by producing results that save our clients time and cost against original budgets.

The ever changing landscape requires flexible and innovative project delivery models. We establish procurement strategies that are intrinsically aligned to the unique requirements of your project. We also frequently establish success fee arrangements orientated around project outcomes.

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